What should you expect from a “Just Steve” set?

I’m glad you asked, lol.



First, expect to hear the name Jesus a few times.

I love making super fresh music that can be appreciated in multiple settings; from the streets, to the church, to MTV. However, I’m not apart of this whole “don’t say Jesus” movement. People actually need to hear his name.

Second, expect me to pour out my heart and leave it on stage.

No holding back. I’m grateful for every opportunity I get. It doesn’t matter if there’s a crowd of 1 or 1 million. Whether I have my full band or it’s just myself and a mic, you’re going to get the best I have to give. That’s how I roll. God’s been too good for me to slack.


Blog3Third, expect Transparency.

One of my good friends (and favorite Emcees) “Gemstones” always tells me, “real always wins”. The more I’m in front of people, and the more I talk to people, the more I realize people need realness. Especially hearing it from a positive & uplifting place. We live in a generation filled with so much fluff that people don’t know who they are anymore. With that being said, I’m not afraid to share my testimony.  I’m not afraid to be imperfect, so you may get a few laughs here and there.

Four, expect to have fun, and be free!

I’m a pretty random artist. Like I said before, expect some laughs. I may call people up to freestyle rap. I may freestyle rap. I’ve even had moments where I’ve made up songs on the spot, especially when the band is rocking with me. So many emotions come with music, and I feel one of the best emotions is JOY, music should lift spirits. I love crowd participation, so yup, wave your hands! Let’s do some call and response, fresh chants, whatever! Let’s rock out together!

Expect a little bit of OLC (overly lyrical content).


One of the common compliments I receive is people can actually “understand the words that are coming out of my mouth” *Chris Tucker voice*. I put so much into every word I write, it would crush me if no one understood what I was saying. However, I love “wordplay”, “metaphors” “crazy rhyme schemes”, “catchy melodies” etc.





But the most important thing to expect from a “Just Steve” set is the presence of God.

I don’t say this boastfully, but as a Christian artist, no matter the setting you should see my connection to God. Expect to be challenged, uplifted, and inspired. I feel like if people aren’t changed in anyway after coming to see “Just Steve”, then my time was pointless. As good as it feels to hear people say “Just Steve got bars!”, or “that band was cold!” means nothing if no one was inspired.


Blog6Oh yeah, one more thing. Expect me to bring some “Just Steve” merchandise!

An album, a dvd, a t-shirt, etc. Your support means the world to me, every dollar counts toward the work that I do! Thanks for booking me. Thanks for supporting me. And thanks for inspiring me.

#God Bless!

-Just Steve